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V V Thomas lives in London, United Kingdom, where she works as a qualified nurse. Through her work and writing, she is absolutely committed to helping and inspiring others to have fun, achieve a better life, and fulfil their dreams.

As well as an author, she is a motivational speaker, an experienced mentor and coach, and an innovative leader. She has written numerous nursing articles, an Infection Control book, and a Maternity Toolkit.

Rebecca and the Strangest Garden is her first children’s book.  Do visit: www.rebeccaandthestrangestgarden.com to order your copy and view our other Rebecca products. Please also let us know if you would like a book reading in your school or local library.

Later this year Successful Single Lady will be released and you can pre-order your copy as well as book onto our coaching/workshops by visiting www.Thomasvpublishing.com

……. Successful Single Ladies…….. by VV Thomas

In her new book ‘Successful Single Ladies: 10 keys to live a successful single life’, you’ll discover:

  • How to live a happy life
  • How to build a powerful network of friends and supporters
  • How to safeguard your financial future
  • Why being single is much better than being in an unhappy relationship
  • When independence needs to give way to interdependence
  • How to celebrate (yes, celebrate), being single….and much, much more…

Go to www.successfulsingleladies.co.uk to reserve your copy!!!

Rebecca and the Strangest Garden by VV Thomas

In this lovely children’s book, school is out for a mini half term break, and Rebecca is away with her beloved Auntie Sue for what she thought would be a relaxing, quiet week. Well, not quite. Rebecca’s break from school is to be interrupted by new mystery friends, disasters averted and much more.. Rebecca soon learns the true meaning of ‘hearing it on the grapevine’ and ‘gossips over the garden fence’. Before long, she too recognises the importance of ‘green fingers’. Prepare to be charmed by Rebecca and the Strangest Garden. An excellent tale of supernatural friendships, survival and hope, which will appeal to readers of all ages.